The Canoes for a Cause Fundraiser for the Chetek Lakes Protection Skimmer has been an annual event for all ages the past four years. We understand not everyone is comfortable with large gatherings during the COVID-19 virus season right now, so we expect attendance for this event will be down from past years. The concern is that this year’s Canoes for a Cause fundraiser may not cover the event expenses if the turnout is low, so this is why we have canceled the 2020 Canoes for a Cause.

Rather than risk losing money putting on this year’s event, we are asking everyone to consider a free-will Skimmer donation through our GoFundMe site (, or mail a check to the CLPA at PO Box 916, Chetek, WI 54728. This allows you to easily make a contribution to the Skimmer without attending an event outside your home.

In addition, Congress passed The CARES Act to provide stimulus for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This bill allows taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions to take a one-time deduction of up to $300 for gifts made to charitable organizations. The deduction is only for gifts of cash made in calendar year 2020 even if you don’t itemize your deductions on your income tax form.

The CLPA is not planning to reduce our skimmer services or lake projects this year, even though our donations may be lower. We trust the community, our members and visitors will continue to fund our efforts to support our local lakes. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the CLPA this year!

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