You can do something about climate change by yourself.

In 1980, I put my first two solar panels for hot water heating on my house. They are still there today, working in Maple, Wisconsin. You can do the same thing. I built the frames to hold them on the roof. I connected the pump and sensors from a prefab control setup to power. I ran the pipe from the basement to the roof, alongside the chimney. I added antifreeze to water to carry heat from the roof top panels to the basement water tank. Thirty-eight years later, I’m still getting free hot water.

Yes, there have been a couple of problems along the way. After 25 years, the hot water tank had to be replaced. Sometime along the way, the expansion tank had to be replaced, but the original panels are still there working on the roof.

If it matters, long ago, probably 25 years ago, the system paid for itself with reduced heating costs. Think about it!

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