Note: this letter was submitted on May 7.

I am very disappointed in the way people in this area are treating COVID-19. I was in one of our biggest businesses [May 6] and tourists and locals were streaming in and out. I was the only person in the place wearing a mask, and that includes the employees. Furthermore, no one seemed to be at all concerned about social distancing.

As I stood at the counter in the post office, a woman came right up to the window to ask a “quick question.” She actually brushed my arm with her shoulder. When I told her she needed to be 6 feet away, she looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about.

The news this morning [May 7] indicated almost 75,000 deaths in this country. I know the dangerously incompetent man in the White House doesn’t seem concerned about that. I guess all these clueless people are following his lead.

It is unfortunate that it will take someone they love on a ventilator in the hospital or lying in a casket before it becomes meaningful. How sad.

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