I am sick of people trying to make a government official look bad since the party they support did not accomplish anything and the current administration is! They spout unproven information as a smoke screen to the real truth. I guess one calls that lying.

Our country has been run by a bunch of wimps as they gave in to foreign countries so that there was no confrontation they were involved in. Why is it that the United States is expected to pay the majority of the cost, like the United Nations and NATO? Fair is fair when the other countries pay their fair share.

Not everyone agrees with how the country is being run; that is the beauty of how our government was formed, but we currently have an economy that is strong and if you have a 401(k) or stocks, you can witness how strong it is.

Our current president is responsible for the majority of what is happening as our military is strong, steel workers are back at work, coal miners are hard at work and they are buying houses, clothes, food, cars and are also paying taxes like many of us are and they are not on the unemployment rolls.

Our military, police and firefighters are being recognized for the sacrifices they make every time they are doing their job.

Our president is not groomed in the political way, which usually produces nothing. He is a businessman and that is why we are getting fair trade agreements. The current crop agreement with China, $40 billion a year, helps out farmers that need it.

Who were the politicians that agreed to give a product’s design specifications to a foreign country for them to manufacture the product? With the design specs, a foreign country does not need the company that designed it any longer. The NAFTA program was not designed to help the USA, but for Mexico and Canada, where our farmers and manufacturers were getting the raw deal, some of that has changed under the new agreement.

Our country does not depend on a foreign country for oil to fuel electricity or for gasoline/diesel to fuel our homes and vehicles. We produce our own.

People that have not served our country find it hard to understand loyalty to the USA and the flag.

Personally, I do not feel offended in what President Donald Trump says or how he says it, as I feel he says what he means; no politics get in the way. And for those that feel he offends foreign countries, it is not true as they respect a person who is strong in one’s beliefs and their country. Our previous administrations did not understand that, which explains poor negotiations where the USA loses.

If one is to know the real story, you have to get your information from more than one source, not hearsay. Fox News uses both parties for their panel discussions, which makes it equable for all. One has to see both sides of the story to pass judgment. Don’t be gullible.

If people do not love our country, try living in another.

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