Our family has owned a cabin in Chetek for 15 years and have loved it, but last year has changed that exponentially. Because of the disregard for science in regards to COVID-19, I now refer to it as “The epicenter of stupidity.”

The leaders of this community are responsible for the infections and deaths and need to be held accountable. I have spoken to all of them. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald and his deputies will not enforce the mask mandate because District Attorney Brian Wright does not believe Gov. Tony Evers has the authority to issue it and will not enforce penalties. Blah, blah, blah ... Just do your jobs. We, the people, are your employer, not the Republican Party. This lack of any leadership, at the local and federal level, led to blatant disregard for masks, social distancing, etc., all summer long.

Bars and restaurants were overcrowded and people were flocking here from places that enforced a mask mandate. It was like “amateur hour at the moshpit.” And now infections are at record levels and people in this county are dying. Surprise, surprise.

How can “people trying to be responsible and have respect for their fellow man by social distancing and wearing a mask” be considered political? Politics was the only reason science was ignored and we must remember this the next election. People did not do their jobs to keep us safe because of party affiliation. How pathetic.

I do not believe I will ever be returning to any of these businesses that didn’t give a hoot about people’s health. They don’t deserve it. I also don’t have the stomach to support a local government that rescinds support of $25,000 to a crisis center because someone had an affiliation with Black Lives Matter. By the way, it’s our money, not theirs. They can use their racist attitudes to control the spending of their money, not ours. It’s time to evolve, come out of your caves and respect science and diversity. In the meantime, “Cabin for Sale.”

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