Our federal government is becoming more totalitarian by the day. A totalitarian government can be a dictatorship, communist, or fascist in form. Under a totalitarian government the elite live privileged lives and the vast majority of citizens are serfs. The form of a totalitarian government matters little as under all forms of totalitarian government the serfs are all equally miserable with no property or civil rights (At least in this respect, totalitarian governments ensure equality for the serfs).

The following are a few of the many signs of a totalitarian government:

1. Restricting free speech and the free exchange of ideas whether by direct censorship by the government or the government cooperating with media and social media. An example is the current trend where social media and the media claim they are “protecting” us from fake news by their censorship. Bad ideas and false information are destroyed when exposed to the truth. We can make up our own minds. On the other hand, censoring the truth keeps us from knowing the truth. We are being manipulated and lied to.

2. Restricting freedom of religion. Christianity and Judaisim are under attack worldwide (even in this country). Totalitarians try to undermine these religions because they recognize God as the ultimate authority and the human rights given to humans by God as superior to the dictates of the state.

3. Rigging elections. Totalitarian regimes are threatened by the truth and honest and fair elections. Why is there so much opposition to the audits of the 2020 elections in some states and counties? You would think everyone would be in favor or audits after every election. What is there to fear? If fraud is found it can be exposed and steps taken to ensure that the fraud never happens again. If no fraud is found, then that fact can be broadcast to the world.

4. Disarming the civilian population. Totalitarian governments disarm their citizens for obvious reasons.

5. Taking over critical aspects of the economy which ensures that the government can demand obedience of its citizens. Think energy (catastrophic human-caused climate change), medicine (vaccine mandates), and public education (Critical Race Theory). There is even talk of the government controlling agriculture (Because the Soviet Union did so well managing its farm economy).

6. The use of government to investigate and punish political enemies and to hide the crimes of those who the government favors.

Watch what people do and not what they say. If anyone supports any of the above totalitarian actions, do not believe or follow them even if they are standing for the national anthem with their hand over their heart and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the time. Inside too many politicians, political advocates, and bureaucrats lives a totalitarian screaming to get out.

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