Surprisingly, man today claims to be more sober, educated and civilized, but reality seems to suggest otherwise.

Death of yet another child (now totaling five) in a detention center should make us question our moral values and standards. It does not matter whether it’s an asylum seeker in USA or Europe. We see lack of compassion toward immigrants across the board. Nationalism is on the rise due to economic and financial uncertainty, creating room for people with vested interests to take advantage of the situation to spread hatred and division in society. Ironically, on one hand, developed countries, out of their greed for resources of poor countries or to maintain their supremacy, exploit them by making unfair trade deals, impose sanctions that cripple their economy, finance wars and proxy wars away from home, and when their citizens move to other (safer) countries in search of better lives, they quickly realize that there is no escape.

In this situation, words of His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the fifth caliph of the Promised Messiah and the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, seem to guide the world in the right direction. On an occasion, he said, “The long-term solution to the immigration crisis has to be to establish peace in war-torn countries and to help the local people, who have been forced to endure lives of misery and danger, to live peacefully.” Concerning the short term solution, he said, “In the short term, where refugees or asylum seekers come to the West due to the prevailing political or religious conditions in their own countries, they should be treated with dignity and respect. At the same time, whatever support they are given should not be at the expense of existing citizens. Immigrants should be strongly encouraged to enter employment as soon as possible, rather than living off benefits for long periods. They should work hard, seek to stand upon their own two feet and contribute positively to their new society. Otherwise, if they are continually funded by taxpayers’ money, it will inevitably lead to grievances.”

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