We need you!

We have well over 100 members in Chetek Senior Citizens, and many more in the community, and we see some of you on a weekly basis coming in for one or more activities, but when it comes to fundraisers, we have so few.

The main reason for this writing is that when it comes to the membership meetings, fundraisers and other important things we do, we rarely see most of our seniors. Only a handful show up to participate. Is there something we are doing wrong or is there just a lack of caring about what we are doing?

This organization is yours to be more active, tuned in to your neighbor and community. We are so fortunate to have such an organization for all seniors, and the facility we have is here for everyone to enjoy. So many times, we have asked if there is something we are lacking or if you have any suggestions and we get very little response.

We have even made our meetings, which are only every other month, a time that you are able to call the day before, and reserve a great meal to enjoy for just $2, after you have come to the membership meeting. You can’t even buy fast food for that price. The meetings are only about a half-hour to one hour long, depending on what needs to be discussed and voted on then. That is also your time to let us know how the board is doing and if you have any questions or to give us your suggestions. Remember, we are always open to hear what you have to say.

You also have the opportunity, at any time, to talk to any of the board members, if you have any concerns or problems. We are listed in your Inside Edition. We are always willing to listen and help, if possible. We have a great opportunity to help one another, but you must get engaged to do that.

Fundraisers we have are used to help some of the programs in our community, such as Shop with a Cop, Hydroflites, Food Shelf, Feed C-W Kids and others at different times. It also supports your organization. We know we are asked to give in many different ways, but when we come together and work with one another, we are able to do great things. It needs each and every one of us.

We do know summer is a very busy time, but consider giving us just a little of your time to do something for your community and yourself. Please come and join us. We are here for you. This is your organization. Our next membership meeting is July 25. If you aren’t a member, now is a good time to join us.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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