One would think that in a democratic republic, the rules of democracy would be applied across social, political and economic sectors; however, our current economic system does not operate that way. As Martin Luther King once observed, we have socialism for the rich and rugged individualism for the rest of us.

We are subsidizing corporations when our taxes go to provide housing and medical assistance to thousands of their workers whose full-time work renders them poverty-level paychecks. We provide welfare to the rich when their wealth “qualifies” them for tax breaks designed to avoid paying their fair share.

There is plenty of bipartisan support in Washington to support legislation for the benefit of wealthy “constituents” at the perpetual expense of the actual voting constituency back home. Both parties exert immense power over media of all types to control voter “choice” at the ballot box. We would do well to pay more attention to this type of voter manipulation.

This election cycle, let’s all read, listen and watch a variety of news media. Let’s talk to each other and compare notes. Most of all, let us listen to each other and seek ways to solve our nation’s problems, together.

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