What is your role in this climate of division throughout our country? You have a role. You can grumble or get proactive.

Do you approve of our children learning that skin color, religion, ethnicity, etc., defines a person?

Critical race theory teaches just that and it is being implemented in school districts across the United States.

Critical race theory does nothing to instill pride in each other or to unite Americans. CRT teaches that America is a racist country.

Yet, we admire and celebrate Martin Luther King Day. A country that elected an eloquent, black president twice is being condemned as racist.

School curriculum should be focusing on our nation’s founding principles that all persons are created equal and have unalienable rights.

Children are taught to hate. If you do not want your children encouraged to hate another, pack your school board meetings and demand that critical race theory not be taught in our schools.

If you only sit back and gripe, then you must assume responsibility for the consequences of this hate-based educational program.

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