A few years ago, I taught STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) classes in area high schools for the Department of Labor through Pine Tech. Seems no one else would do the job. Students received college credit for hands-on and classroom training about advanced automation. This included application design, programming and use of robotics, vision systems and CNC machining. Every student—hundreds—completed the course. We got along great.

At the end of class, time permitting, I’d ask them about goals. I recall one specific response, “I’m working to save money to rebuild a Chevelle.” I responded, “Sounds great!” I recounted working as a late-model crewperson for a successful Budweiser sponsored race car. Then I said, “You know, someday you’ll be driving an electric car.” “Never!” was the loud and quick response. We all laughed, but I proceeded with reasoning why this could turn out to be true.

The EV car has 6,000 fewer parts. It will eventually fill up with renewable power in minutes and travel hundreds of miles per charge. The cost equivalent of $0.25 per gallon of gas will be powerfully convincing. “Maybe more important to you,” I said, “It will be a lot faster than a Chevelle.” I had planted a seed, but it was slow growing.

Last month’s EV battery news confirmed my premise. Tesla’s new battery. Bill Gates’ and Volkswagen’s big buck investments in QuantumScape battery achievements to make product. The time for my student’s reconsideration is drawing near. When will your garage house an EV? Not ‘Never!’

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