Sometimes the nonsense that is spouted from a political ideologue is so outrageous that it has to be contradicted. Invidious and unsupported contentions to influence how we vote need to be challenged, especially when the writer of such opinions plays a game that is being played all the time now by the right wing and, dare I say it, the commander-in-chief. The game is called “Blame Your Opponent of Your Own Sins.”

A recent letter writer played this game. I quote from her letter: “Liberals who accuse conservatives of being racist reveal an ignorance of history.” The writer, a conservative, and a racist, tries to make the reader believe that it is really the liberals who are the racists! Later, there was another twisted statement: “To assure the black vote for centuries, LBJ pushed civil rights legislation making minorities enslaved by the government and the Democrats.”

The writer cites the activities of the KKK from 1868 to 1964, supposedly “proving” that Democrats are the modern-day oppressors of blacks. Why didn’t this well-informed author tell us what happened after 1964, after Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, worked to pass legislation that gave black folks civil rights? What happened then was that the white folks in the South were so upset about the black community having the same rights as the white community that they switched their century-long allegiance from the Democrats and became Republicans! The South went red and it remains that way today.

The author tries to support her contention that Democrats have “enslaved minorities,” but she can’t make a connection between civil rights and enslavement. She can’t explain how minorities were “enslaved” by being allowed access to homes, jobs and education. The author makes another statement that plainly reveals racism. She says, “In 2019, Democrats are once again planning to use tax dollars from hardworking people to keep minorities dependent upon the government.” What she means by trotting out this old slander is that her belief is that only white people are hardworking, and that minorities are lazy and living off the generosity of the whites. This is racism, pure and simple. This attitude also shows the mean-spirited, stingy attitude of conservatism, the lack of generosity and compassion for people of any color who might need help.

You don’t need to know that Jim Crow laws a hundred years ago promoted racial hatred when you could see just three short years ago that every initiative of our first black president was opposed and denied by a white, Republican Congress. The Affordable Care Act was relentlessly attacked to deny a success to a black president.

The party on the right wants to keep political power, but can’t if they don’t embrace human and civil rights of all people, which individual members have resisted, no matter whether they were called Democrats a century ago or Republicans yesterday. So you get this shill game, blame the opponent as the bad guy. Good luck with that strategy, Republicans.

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Wow Talk about some one that has been brain washed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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