It was said that we need a president who puts people first. Tell me then, why has President Donald Trump brought back jobs for workers that were idle because the previous Democratic regimes sold us down the river? Before the COVID-19 virus was brought over to this country, there were more people working than ever before. Taxes were lowered to put more money in workers’ pockets and stocks were soaring that grew the 401Ks of working peoples’ retirements. Trump knows how to negotiate with foreign governments that brought back fairness in trade agreements that helped the farmers and manufacturing. Trump has the advice of experts on the virus, so do not blame him for what has gone amiss with stopping the virus. If those that are bad-mouthing Trump for not handling it properly and they have expertise that could help the people of the United States, why haven’t they come to help? Or are they just spouting junk again and have nothing to help with and like to see people die? More could have been done earlier, but Trump was occupied with phony attempts to impeach him by the Democrats, and then they said he was too early with closing the borders when he did hear about the virus. Don’t blame trump for any delays.

That brings up another point. Just what have the Democrats done to help this country in over three years? Aren’t they elected to provide solutions by working with the other party to solve problems that affect our country and its people? And why are the Democrat-run cities allowed to destroy, burn and murder without any consequences? This isn’t about Black Lives Matter, as it was nowhere close to being a peaceful protest in my estimation. How dumb are those city leaders anyway, or do they think the taxpayers will just look the other way and pay for the damages? You cannot get business tax from a business that no longer exists because it has been destroyed by rioters. People are tired of seeing this continue and know the Democrats are behind all of it.

If Trump has weakened foreign partnerships, why are there countries negotiating with the U.S., rather than lose the gravy train they were used to getting? They only want our money and do not pay their share of NATO and the United Nations, but expect us to pay everything so they can enjoy luxury at our expense. That’s not a fair share.

Wise people vote with logic and smarts, the others vote with misguided feelings and unawareness. This country has laws to live by and if you don’t like them, you can live in another country, if they will have you. If this country is so bad, why are so many from other countries trying to live here? And, why are so many trying to destroy what we have built; that shows gross stupidity.

It’s your country, get out and vote!

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