In 1938, Hitler won the election in Germany. He got all the agencies under his control. He abolished all elections. After this, he started World War II. Then he proceeded to take over all the countries in Europe.

Donald Trump was elected president in 2016. He has now taken over the FBI, the CIA and all other agencies in Washington. He has said he will bust anyone or anything that is against him.

There are individuals trying to run for nomination on the Democratic side. Whoever wins, Trump will try to bust. He will use the FBI, the CIA and all other organizations for his purpose. After this, there will be no more election, because Trump will be king!

He already has an approval rating of 49 percent. The Senate has proven that they will give him everything he wants. All you good Republicans will vote him in.

One he has assumed all his power, where will he strike first—Mexico or Canada?

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