We can make a difference.

In the U.S., flash floods, wildfires and hurricanes are occurring far more frequently than ever before. The past five years have been, worldwide, the hottest on record. The verdict is in: Global climate change is no hoax! Now what?

We can sit on our hands, and look to Big Business and other countries to take action. It’s so easy to point out what someone else needs to do! Or, we ourselves can take part in delivering the solution.

Yes, the fossil industry needs to change its tune, and China needs to curb its air emissions. Also important, people in affluent nations need to reduce overall consumption. This last group includes you and I. We, too, need to take a different tack.

Don’t let the nay-sayers fool you. The collective efforts of individuals are a powerful piece of the solution. Here are just a few things, among the many, that you and I can do to ensure a better future for future generations:

• Use less fuel by driving conservatively, bundling errands into one trip and, when the time comes, replacing that worn-out vehicle with a more fuel-efficient one.

• Consume less energy at home by setting the thermostat two degrees lower in winter and two degrees higher in summer. By doing so, you could see a significant drop in your home energy bill.

• Choose locally produced goods over ones that must be shipped long distances. The Old Dutch potato chips made in Twin Cities are just as tasty as the Frito-Lay chips made in Texas.

• Encourage your Congressional representative, as well as your local councilperson, to support a resolution that calls for legislative action to address global climate change. For more information, visit the Citizens’ Climate Lobby website at https://citizensclimatelobby.org/.

There are many more examples where we can chip away at global climate change by adjusting our daily habits ever so slightly, without requiring a change in lifestyle. Yet, the collective benefits can be huge, amounting to millions of tons of avoided global warming emissions every year.

We all have a role in addressing global climate change—the corporations, all nations and each of us as individuals. Be part of the solution.

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