I would like to comment on the debates. Seems like everyone was unhappy with the behavior of both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden Biden. I would add Chris Wallace. He didn’t ask Biden to condemn Antifa and Black Lives Matter for their support of riots, but instead asked Trump about the nutcases on the right. Folks do have a constitutional right to defend themselves, but not to riot and commit arson. I guess I missed the Ku Klux Klan riot this year.

Trump is famous for exaggerating his points—he is a truth stretcher. But the Biden campaign is consciously promoting lies. Biden will not raise your taxes if you make less than $400k, but he will repeal the Trump tax cuts, where the greatest benefit has gone to folks making $50,000. So, which is true? One statement has to be a lie.

Biden said the “Biden plan” is not the Green new deal, but that’s not true. US News says it’s the same thing. Biden denied that his son was paid millions to ... well, to be his son. That too was a lie. It might be perfectly legal, but he should not deny that these unethical payments happened. Biden and Kamala Harris repeated a lie published in the New York Times, that Trump paid only $750 in taxes—this assertion was dispelled in the very same New York Times article, if you read the whole thing. Total baloney.

My friends tell me that they are not voting for Trump per se. They are voting to support the police, enforce immigration laws, expand the economy (especially in economically depressed areas) and reduce hatred and bigotry wherever it exists. They don’t like Trump’s personality—they are voting for his policies—and against the socialist platform of Biden-Harris; against the leveraging of governmental service to accumulate tremendous wealth, channeled through relatives. That’s what Biden does. Its true.

Here is what I want—a constitutional amendment that subjects politicians to the laws they pass. Like truth in advertising, for example. That would end this debate nonsense. Or social security, which the Washington, D.C., elite does not participate in.

And another amendment that expands anti-discrimination laws that cover race, sex and religion, to also include political beliefs. You realize that people are getting fired, insulted and generally discriminated against by those who disagree with their politics. That is not okay, folks.

And I want more legal immigration. Our economic growth was stalled last year because we ran out of workers.

And a plan to balance the budget that is also not a pipe dream. Democrats spend more and tax more. Republicans just spend, and then claim economic growth will cover the cost. Another lie. Neither increased taxes nor economic growth can sustain our spending rate. Its just not sustainable. Period.

Neither Trump or Biden are supporting what I want. So, like many of you, I will vote for the liar who will do the least damage to our country. Good thing my facial expression will be masked.

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