I want to thank The Chetek Alert for putting the article done by Parker Schorr, of The Cap Times from Wisconsin Watch, on methamphetamine addiction. It is accurate and should be startling to all Barron County residents. This article matches all the information used in developing a county plan in 2018 with community leaders and centered primarily in the Chetek Methodist Church. It was called the “Barron County Drug Addiction Attack.”

The Barron County Board of Supervisors, Barron County Administrator Jeff French and Board Chairman Louie Okey refused to consider it. We wait for the next terrible incident due to meth while we do virtually nothing as simple as providing a place for people who have used “self-motivation” to shed themselves of addiction, shelter, a job and some time to recover. In many instances, the previously addicted will get their kids back from foster care that is costing the county millions of dollars yearly.

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