I served on the Chetek city council for 12 consecutive years, 2005 to 2017. Years ago, when I was still there, the Department of Natural Resources mandated the wastewater treatment plant be replaced. The DNR allowed a 10 year window extension to get it built. That window closes shortly (unless another extension was granted).

Before that time, there was a lot of discussion on a comprehensive plan that included a new water tower built on the industrial park property. It was known at that time, an additional water tower would be necessary for industrial park growth.

Now, due to the lack of going forward, the cost of the WWTP will cost a few million more than if the work had started 10 years ago. Ten years ago, we (the council) quickly bought property for the new WWTP paying the asking price due to developers earnestly showing keen interest in the property.

The two possible locations were at the property the city bought or north of the cemetery at a very significant higher cost. Same thing concerning a new water tower. Stop sitting on your hands, city leaders, and get moving on these two important projects that should have been planned by an engineering firm and approved several years ago. When Hwy. 53 was completed outside of the city in the early 70s, Chetek was about to have a foot in the grave, and there was little motivation to turn that around. It took years to get things moving in the right direction, saving Chetek from becoming a lost cause.

If Chetek is going to grow, these projects must be done. Chetek has a promising future if these very important projects get completed. Get going city leaders!

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