Several weeks ago, I sent the following email to all 29 Barron County Supervisors. A follow-up email was sent the following week. No reply, from anybody. At an executive board meeting Chairman Louie Okey said the following: “We are getting your emails,” but went on to say “we don’t have to reply.”

Good Evening: I want to congratulate you on the hiring of not one but five new contact tracers for the county. You, as a body, were asked more than once by the public to have input before the hiring was done. However, no input was sought, and I’m sure, as it seems as though you hoped “the public” who usually causes you little trouble, would simply go away. The way the public, who respectfully made a request of you, was completely ignored is concerning. I have never heard of any government program to be discontinued when its goal was reached. So, what plans do you have for them when all of us have been traced? In conclusion, maybe you should pay attention to that pesky public, who used to think you were a trusted body, looking out for our best interests. I would also like to know the answer to the following questions: 1. What information will these contact tracers be compiling? 2. How will they be compiling the information? 3. Where will the information they have compiled be going and what will be done with it? 4. What decisions will be based on the data they collect? 5. Who will have access to the entirety of the data collected by these contact tracers? 6. Is their employment a temporary hire or will they be hired as long-term employees? 7. will they also be tracking who has or has not been vaccinated? If so, what happens to this data and who has access to it? 8. Will their data impact local schools? If so, in what way? 9. Will there be an update on their progress and the information obtained bye made open and available to the public to review? What will be the process for accessing this information? 10. What is the supposed benefit of these contact tracers? What is the goal of their positions and how will you gauge their success or lack thereof?

What do you think of the board and how they are representing you?

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