Women who support President Donald Trump resent bullies. They do not want their family members to coward to the bully. These women resented conservative leaders who sat quietly while Democrats called them racists, a basket of deplorables, the dregs of society or ignorant. Trump women are grateful that Trump pushes back against the constant name-calling from the left.

The women supporting President Trump want safe communities. When Democrats refuse to defend our national sovereignty and to adequately vet those entering our country, Trump supporters know our nation is less safe. When liberals refuse to enforce the laws of our nation and demand empathy for the Minnesota men who wanted to join ISIS, Trump supporters know our cities and neighborhoods become less safe.

The women supporting President Trump are insulted by the hypocrisy from those who whine about Russian interference in our election while demanding that illegals be allowed to vote. Women know which would actually undermine the credibility of our elections.

The women supporting President Trump appreciate the respect Trump shows our citizens and our country. Trump has worked harder than anyone to provide opportunities for all, no matter their race, nationality, gender or religion. Trump respects all American workers, regardless of their educational status. Trump constantly promotes American products and he tries to protect American intellectual property.

The women supporting President Trump believe in second chances. We appreciate his successful prison reform programs, Veterans Choice Program and Opportunity Zones created for minority communities.

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