Every year, WITC staff nominate students to represent the college within their communities. The nominees are then interviewed by a panel of staff and alumni. One candidate per campus is named campus ambassador and will officially be the face of the college.

While each ambassador has a unique story to tell, they all demonstrate positive attitudes, high moral character, strong communication skills and are proficient in their studies.

WITC would like to introduce the 2021 student ambassadors: Bill Thompson, of Ashland; Tammy Williams-Starzinsky, of New Richmond; Alexa Robinson, of Rice Lake; and Jon Fritsche, of Superior.

Thompson is in WITC’s university transfer degree program. This program allows individuals to save money by earning their generals at WITC and seamlessly transfer credits to a four-year university. After WITC, he plans to study pre-law at a four-year university and eventually go to law school.

“WITC’s University Transfer Degree program offers me a convenient and cost-affordable way to complete my prerequisite general studies on my way to a bachelor’s degree in pre-law,” said Thompson. “At WITC, there’s more opportunity for one-on-one learning, and it is easy to get to know faculty, staff and a large portion of fellow students.”

Williams-Starzinsky is in WITC’s veterinary technician program. She has aspired to earn a degree for many years. When she heard about WITC’s Veterinary Technician program, she knew it was the right path for her. In addition to her educational responsibilities, Williams-Starzinsky is president of the Veterinary Technician club on campus, plus she works part-time at a local veterinary clinic and manages a hobby farm.

“WITC is fully invested in our education and makes sure we have the best training and equipment available to us so that we are as successful as we can be when we hit the ground running in our careers,” said Williams-Starzinsky. “The hands-on experience and training I have been receiving has given me the confidence I need to become an asset to any team. Without the full support from the entire WITC staff and my fellow students, I would not be able to reach my full potential and be as successful as I am.”

Robinson is in WITC’s Early Childhood Education program. She chose WITC because she knew the small class sizes would allow for a more personal and tailored experience. She’s not afraid to reach out to her instructors for help and has made valuable connections with staff, instructors and classmates. On top of being a full-time student, Robinson works two part-time jobs, but her schoolwork is always her number one priority.

“WITC-Rice Lake has a welcoming environment and is close to home,” said Robinson. “The professors want you to succeed in what you do and are there for you every step of the way.”

Fritsche is in WITC’s IT – systems administration specialist program. He and his wife currently own and operate three restaurants, but his true calling has always been in the Information Technology field. On top of school and work, Fritsche is juggling family life, too. With the support of his wife, he has the time to focus on his schooling.

“I chose WITC for my education because I truly believe their IT program to be the best there is when it comes to providing me with personal success and achieving the goals I set,” said Fritsche.

Throughout their time as an Ambassador, the students have the opportunity to make presentations to high school students, community organizations and business groups. Ambassadors also commit to speaking at graduation ceremonies and meetings of the WITC Board, Alumni Association or WITC Foundation.

Each of Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges select a student every year to participate in the Ambassador program. The Ambassadors are invited to a leadership development and recognition program and attend a formal banquet. There, the students receive an award and scholarship and share their stories of determination, perseverance and success. Following the banquet, the students officially serve as WITC Ambassadors for one year and unofficially, for a lifetime.

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