Brass Rail

Brass Rail was able to defend their Liberty Fest title in the 45th annual Gary Haugen Liberty Fest Softball Tournament by beating Gilligans in a second championship game 13-12.  In a rematch of the 2018 final, Brass Rail was able to top the undefeated Gilligans team 18-8 to force the deciding game. Trailing by two runs in the bottom of the seventh inning, Brass Rail was able to get two runners on base to set up a three-run walk-off home run by Logan Miller to clinch the title. Brass Rail was led at the plate by Chris Howe, Bryce Smetana and Trevor Knutson, and on the mound by Brent Miller.  Gilligans worked through the bracket undefeated until the championship games and was led by Ben Knepper and Logan Schultz , along with Jon Talmage on the mound. Finishing in third place was Sassy’s and taking fourth place was B & B. Pictured above from Brass Rail, in front, left to right, are Kirk Secraw, Bryce Smetana, Logan Miller, Derek Kahl, Jordan Fedderly and Brent Miller; in back are Mike Schaaf, Darren Lentz, Lex Pelke, Dustin Ekert, Chris Howe and Trevor Knutson. Pictured below, from the second-place Gilligans team, in front, left to right, are Reese Elwood, Dean Kahl, Logan Schultz and Jon Talmage; in back are Ben Knepper, Steven Sevals, Travis Turauski, Dewey Marlette, Riley Martie, Jamie Sevals and Jake Riek.



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