Bob cats

Capturing just one photo of a bobcat on a trail camera is somewhat of a rarity, but when Bob LeMoine checked his camera last week he was a bit astonished to see a mama bobcat with her four kits meandering down a trail to the Pokegama Creek. The photo was taken on Aug. 27 at 10:09 a.m. “We’ve always had bobcats on the property, but I have only ever had pictures of a single cat; never a mom and kittens! I’m just guessing they are somewhere around four months old,” LeMoine stated. Bobcat kittens are born between April and July in dens found in caves, rock crevices, or hollow logs or trees. At 4 weeks old, they will leave the den and eat solid foods caught by their mother. Wisconsin bobcats specialize in taking snowshoe hare and cottontail rabbits, but they will also prey on sick, injured, very young or old white-tailed deer if a rabbit meal isn’t easily available. Other food bobcats will target include porcupines, squirrels and wood chucks, as well as smaller animals such as mice, voles, shrews, reptiles, birds and even insects.

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