Unicorn deer

Two years ago, in fall 2017, Chetek resident Cathy Caelwaerts submitted a beautiful picture, pictured above at left, of a buck that her and her husband, John, named “Unicorn”. Unicorn has continued to make his rounds on the Caelwaerts’ and neighboring properties, often showing up on trail cameras over the past three autumn seasons. While his headgear this season isn’t as big as it was two years ago, it’s interesting to note how his distinct non-typical antlers grow a couple of unicorn-style points in front of the brow tines on the right side of the antlers. The photo above, at left, is a picture of Unicorn in 2017, while the photo above, at top right, is a 2018 photo where the antler growth regressed a bit. Pictured above, at bottom right is a 2019 photo of Unicorn where the antler growth has increased once again since 2018. All of the photos were taken east of Chetek in Barron County.   

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