Eighth grade football

The future of Bulldog football is bright as the Chetek-Weyehaeuser Middle School football teams wrapped up their 2021 seasons last week. The Bulldogs eighth grade team went undefeated this year, going a perfect 5-0 against Heart O’North opponents. The seventh grade squad was equally as competitive as they were 3-1-1 on the season, losing their only score on the final play of the game. Both teams capped an exciting season by defeating the Spooner Rails in front of a home crowd on Thursday, Oct. 7. The eighth grade team, pictured above in the front row, from left to right, are Gavin Wanish, Jude Poppe, Jack Olson, Dalen Haas, Carson Toufar, Brady Gesler and Brayden Razim; in back are coach Lee Killoren, David Hoehn, Ethan Brown, Devon Holub, Waylon Huset, Aiden Becker, coach Jay Dachel, Charles Clark, Brady Nelson, Luke Anderson, Adam Foss, Luke Morneau, Riley Johnson, coach Tyler Florczak and coach Jay Olson. Missing from the photo are Brodrick Olson, Alex Widiker, Sam Nichols, Noah Hamley and coach Mark Rykal. The seventh grade team, pictured below in the front row, from left to right, are Jude Poppe, Nathaniel Johnson, Theo Kowalski, Evan Volk, Tanner Wood, Ryker Meskers and Serenity Ford; in back are Jason Paddock, Cole Giesel, Gavin Wanish, Jack Olson, Corban Severson, Cole Olson, Landon Candler and Bennet Engen. Missing from the photo are Anders Olson, Ethan Dysland, Landan Nelson, Karson Raboin and MahTyaus Rahm-Jost.

Seventh grade football

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