Pan fishing has been good for many anglers fishing the Chetek Chain of Lakes.

Bluegill anglers have been finding the ‘gills biting really good when fishing the fallen trees, stumps and weed edges along the shorelines. Anglers are finding a simple hook and bobber setup, paired with a worm or waxie will entice their bite.

Those targeting crappies are finding schools of active fish hanging around the fallen tree tops that lay in the water along shorelines and bays. Anglers are finding a hook and bobber setup with a waxie or a crappie minnow will trigger plenty of bites. Anglers will also find schools of crappies hanging out in deeper depths around submerged trees or cribs when drift fishing.

Walleye anglers have been finding the walleye fishing good in the early evening hours. Slip-bobber rigs can work really well when paired with live bait, such as a fathead minnow, leech or a nightcrawler—I’d suggest using a No. 4 hook. With the recent rain, the bite should be even better with the lake having some flow or current to it as the dam gates open for a bit.

Bass anglers are finding some good action where there are stumps, lily pads and weed edges, often in the shallow  bays of the Chetek Chain. You may even find a big bass occasionally on her spawning bed as the water warms. Texas-rigged worms, jig and craws or a Senco minnow can usually trigger some strikes.

Northern pike fishermen are finding some good pike action as they cast the bays and shorelines. The weed growth is taking off and weed edges are forming; this is where the pike find bait fish hanging. A spinnerbait is a simple artificial  bait you can throw that imitates the bait fish they may be chasing. Shallow running or floating crankbaits, such as Rapalas, or Cotton Cordell baits also work very well to match the bait fish they are chasing for dinner.

May you all have a very nice Memorial Day weekend. Safe travels to and from the lakes, rivers and streams.

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